The Unexpected Exorcist

About The Unexpected Exorcist

The Unexpected Exorcist is a serialized novel published every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 PM, PDT. It blends supernatural action-horror with a bit of humor.

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-Adam Lutzi Rockwell

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‘Back Of Book Blurb’ For The Unexpected Exorcist:

During a routine security screening at the Milwaukee International Airport, TSA Officer Uziel Axe’s life takes a startling turn when he discovers that demons walk amongst us. As he clashes with the demon Beelzebub in the main terminal, his innate abilities are revealed: He can see, speak with, and even exorcise demons.

After unexpectedly casting Beelzebub out, Uziel is drawn into the eternal battle between good and evil.

Beelzebub vows revenge, but Uziel doesn’t have to face the demonic horde alone. Special Agent Sister Catherine Queally, an exorcist with a mysterious past, recruits him into a secretive government organization of powerful exorcists. Together, they are the only thing standing between earth and the fury of Beelzebub.

Table of Contents:

Episode 1: The Wisconsin Supper Club Experience
Episode 2: The Wisconsin Supper Club Experience, Part II
Episode 3: Incident At The Airport
Episode 4: Incident At The Airport, Part II

More chapters will be released each Tuesday and Thursday every week!